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What you need to bring


If you need a hem altering it is essential you bring your shoes or the same height heel you will be wearing for your event.  You can make it very difficult for yourself to find the correct shoe to match so I recommend you shop for your shoes before your fitting.



can make a big difference to the way the dress fits. It affects your shoulder strap lengths and can affect how much you take a dress in or let out. There is no set rule about whether you wear a bra or not it depends on what cup size you are, how firm your breasts are and the type of dress you are wearing

Support pants 

If you plan on wearing them on the day of your event, bring them to your fitting as they can make a difference to the fit to your waist and hips and also your length if the dress is tight fitting


If you have purchased a hoop this must be brought with you to the fitting, so the hem can be altered to the correct length.
I have hoops to hire or buy if you need one. I have designed  hoops which are comfortable and easy to wear with lycra on the waist and hips,and the skirt is made of 100% cotton .The hoop will collapse when you sit down and springs out when you stand up.




If you are requiring the design of your dress to be altered it is useful to bring pictures of the look you are trying to create as it helps to make it clear what you require.


If you want something adding to your dress eg; straps,sleeves, modesty panel, etc you will need fabric to match . A lot of bridal shops can order fabric to match this can take between 2-6 weeks so allow time to order fabric.

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